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Archivist comes forward with details about boys’ home records thought to be missing

by Availability of Information, Lack of transparency, Missing Archives and Heritage, Recordkeeping Rights

Records from a boys’ home that is set to be the focus of a case study at a royal commission into child sexual abuse are being held at the University of Newcastle, it has emerged, after it was believed the records had been destroyed or had gone missing.

… An archivist has come forward, saying records are being held in the university’s Archives of the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle. …

University archivist Gionni Di Gravio has been in charge of the documents, and said while he could not say if all St Albans records existed, he was in possession of a large number of them.

“You can’t always be sure that everything that has been created has survived, but there’s a bit to keep a lot of people occupied,” Mr Di Gravio said.

  Read More: ABC, 10 jUNE, 2016

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