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Medibank data breach

Medibank Private, one of Australia's largest private health insurance companies, were the target of cyber attack this month. The breach has affected more than 4 million people, exposing personal...

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Optus Data Breach

On 22 September, 2022 Optus, an Australia telecommunications provider, was hacked exposing the data of 9.8 million cusotmers. Bellow is a collection of articles published in the month since the...

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PG&E pipeline records

PG&E's poor record keeping practices lead to the San Bruno gas-line explosion that killed 8 people and destroyed 38 homes in California, United States.   Below is a collection of news article...

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The injustice of shoddy recordkeeping

Prosecuting or defending a case is a vital democratic right, but one that's easily undermined by poor recordkeeping.   Mother and Baby Home Commission destroys witness testimony Tusla's...

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Gaps in records of Trump’s presidency

There’s growing concern among historians and political analysts that missing documents will leave a hole in the record of President Donald Trump’s term, one of America’s most tumultuous...

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Records risk for NZ public sector

New Zealand government agencies have been given a rap on the knuckles for poor record-keeping practices in the 2014-205 annual report from Archives New Zealand, which found that that important...

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