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Historians fear Australian stories could be lost forever

by Integrity of Information, Missing Archives and Heritage, Systemic Failure

Historians fear untold Australian stories could be lost without a substantial funding increase for the National Archives to prevent the disintegration of records dating back to the mid-19th century. … Michelle Arrow, co-editor of History Australia and a former member of the advisory panel for the Prime Minister’s Prize for Australian History, said she was deeply concerned about the looming “digital cliff” that would result in the disintegration of fragile audiovisual records. … “Last week, historians around the world watched in horror as the Library at the University of Cape Town burned down, taking with it thousands of irreplaceable historical records,” she said. “By neglecting and under-funding our national cultural institutions, we are also destroying our historical records, just less spectacularly.” Read More: The Sydney Morning Herald, 27 April 2021  

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