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More scandals with lost emails are ahead if Congress doesn’t enforce the record-keeping laws on the books (US)

by Availability of information, Records management non-compliance, Systemic failure

Melanie Sloan and Anne Weismann — executive director and chief counsel, respectively, of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington — made two important points in yesterday’s edition of the Washington Post. First, the IRS is far from the only federal agency with a major problem preserving employee emails in which official business is discussed. That is a problem throughout the federal government because, as Sloan and Weisman explained, “from a record-keeping perspective, federal agencies have no idea how to manage their e-mail. “Agency employees do not understand that many of their e-mail messages qualify as records that must be preserved for archival purposes, a requirement imposed by the Federal Records Act.” Read more: Washington Examiner June 28, 2014

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